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Petredec Divests Reunion business to Vivo Energy Reunion

Petredec Divests Reunion business to Vivo Energy Reunion

Petredec Onshore, a subsidiary of Petredec Group, has concluded the sale of Petredec Reunion SAS to Vivo Energy Reunion, along with its stake in KL Gaz Distribution, the long-standing distributors of the Petregaz LPG brand in Reunion.

Since acquiring the business from Chevron in 2008, Petredec has worked closely with KL Gaz to develop the proposition, grow market share and maintain quality standards to customers across the Island, something Vivo Energy is well positioned to continue given its established place among the leading Fuels marketers in Reunion.

“We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Petredec Reunion SAS,” said Christophe Ader, Retail & Commercial Sales Manager, Vivo Energy Reunion. “As we continue to invest in Reunion, this is a significant milestone for us. It will enable us to expand and grow our LPG business, delivering further value and convenience to our customers.”

Thierry Genthialon, President, Petredec Reunion SAS commented: “Petredec’s decision to reshape its portfolio is driven by a new phase of its development and evolving business priorities towards emerging markets. We believe Vivo Energy is best placed take over and operate the business. We have taken all measures to ensure the change of control is seamless for all our local customers and suppliers. We wish to sincerely thank our partners in Reunion for their support over the last 15 years.”


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