Communications Terms

General Terms and Conditions applying to Email Communications.




By sending email (and any attachment) to Petredec, or receiving electronic mail (and any attachment) from Petredec, you expressly agree to, and accept the below terms and conditions.

1. Definitions 

1.1 Petredec Pte Limited and all its subsidiaries are referred to as “Petredec” for the purpose of these present general terms and conditions. Electronic mail, e-mail or email will be referred to as “email”(s).

2. Addressee of the electronic mail

2.1 Emails are susceptible to contain proprietary and confidential information that in certain cases is legally protected, in whole or in part.

2.2 Emails are written solely for the addressee(s) mentioned, and no other person is authorized to read them.

2.3 If you are not the addressee, Petredec asks you to inform the author as soon as possible, return the email to the author and to completely delete the email from your system.

2.4 Petredec does not authorise its emails to be disseminated, disclosed publicly, distributed or copied, without Petredec’s prior consent.

3. Protection

3.1 Petredec has taken every reasonable precaution to avoid the transmission of viruses.

3.2 However, Petredec cannot accept liability for any damage sustained as a result of viruses and advises that you carry out your own virus checks before reading any email or its attachments.

4. Confidentiality and privacy

4.1 You acknowledge that it is possible to usurp another person’s identity when information is sent in the form of email.

4.2 If you have reasons to think that unauthorised third parties are using your email address for their advantage, you must immediately inform Petredec and request that your address no longer be used as means of communication for sending emails, until your further notice. You assume the risks and consequences resulting from any manipulation of your address.

4.3 Before reaching its destination, the data contained in the email will pass through a public network, intermediate computers, routers and mail servers, all easily accessible to other parties. The data sent may cross international borders, even if the sender and the addressee are in the same country. If the transmission is not encrypted, the content of email may be read by third parties, and even though the indication of the sender and the addressee will not be encrypted.

4.4 Therefore, the risk exists that third parties will have access to this information and that they will intercept and/or alter the content of the electronic messages. You assume the risks and the consequences resulting from access to the information, interception of the information and/or alteration thereof.

4.5 You must be aware that, without some security precautions, the confidentiality of information sent can be compromised, as emails are generally not encrypted and that email is vulnerable to both physical and virtual eavesdropping.

4.6 You should know that many Internet Service Providers store copies of emails on their mail servers before they are delivered to the addressee. Backups of these can remain up to several months or years on their server, even if you delete them in your mailbox. ISPs and mail service providers may also compromise e-mail privacy because of commercial pressure.

4.7 Without specifying its reasons, Petredec may at any time, but shall not be required to, refuse to accept information received by email.

4.8 Petredec is not liable for any damage or consequence caused by any refusal or delay in this regard.

4.9 Petredec reserves its right to inspect all email communications sent via its networks.

5. Reliability of information and personal opinions 

5.1 Petredec will always strive to carefully select the information that it circulates using email. However, it cannot give any warranty that such information is accurate, reliable or exhaustive.

5.2 Any decision made on the basis of this information is therefore made at your own risk, and Petredec cannot accept any liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may result therefrom.

5.3 Moreover, Petredec underlines that opinions expressed in emails are those of the individual sender and not necessarily those of Petredec.

5.4 Petredec disapproves flaming in email exchanges.

6. Trademark and copyright protection 

6.1 The logo and the name of Petredec are protected by law.

6.2 The use of the information contained in the emails sent by Petredec for advertising or commercial purposes is fully prohibited without Petredec’s prior written consent.

7. Amendments 

7.1 Petredec fully reserves its right to amend the general terms and conditions applying to electronic mail communications at any time.

7.2 These amendments will be immediately shown on Petredec’s website, which can be accessed by clicking on the link in the emails sent by Petredec. By using the email mean of communication, you expressly agree to the new terms and conditions.

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