Petredec joins WLPGA Industry Council

Having supported the WLPGA and its work over several years as a member, Petredec, one of the World’s leading LPG Trading and shipping companies, is pleased to have been invited to join the association’s prestigious Industry Council (IC).

The WLPGA IC was inaugurated in 1996 and is composed of leading companies in the LPG business. The IC directs the association’s actions by identifying issues, developing strategies, and formulating projects. Actions launched by the IC aim at enhancing the positive image of LPG worldwide and promoting LPG to satisfy the growing need for an all-purpose, efficient, and environmentally friendly fuel. Whether focused on specific market segments or the LPG industry in general, the actions of the IC are aimed at increasing the worldwide use of our exceptional energy.

Commenting on joining the WLPGA’s IC, Petredec CEO Giles Fearn said “as a longstanding WLPGA member, Petredec has supported the excellent work of the association and is delighted to now be able to take a more active role in tackling LPG-related issues around the World. We look forward to working more closely with the association and our fellow Council members, many of whom it has been our privilege to work with during Petredec’s 40-year history.”

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