A flexible trading structure with global coverage

Success in physical trading is about delivering in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

Those are three reasons why Petredec has grown from a regional trader to a globally respected physical and derivatives trader and supplier of a product paving the way to a cleaner and more sustainable world. Central to our business is providing reliable logistics services to our customers, most of whom are long-term clients with long-term contracts.

Furthermore, Petredec’s dedication to stimulating growth through investment has assisted our trading teams in developing sustainable markets with key customers around the world. This is inclusive of many countries, oil majors, leading industrials, traders, as well as developing economies and people seeking cheaper and cleaner access to energy and a better quality of life.

LPG primarily loads as Refrigerated product on VLGC’s (Very Large Gas Carriers) from the USA and Middle East and moves largely to Latin America, Northwest Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia. True to our roots, we still trade smaller Pressurised cargoes with a strong focus on clients in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Red Sea, sub-Saharan Africa, and South-East Asia.

  • >10m

    tonnes of LPG loaded every year

  • >55

    Owned and Chartered LPG vessels