Infrastructure & Investments

Recognising the need to situate more product closer to a region with growing LPG consumption, Petredec first deployed a permanent Floating Storage and Offtake Vessel (FSO) to the Southern Indian Ocean back in 2005.

After a few years of steadily increasing offtakes, it became clear a land-based storage facility was needed – fast forward to 2014 and Petredec commissioned its 15,000mts wholly-owned facility in Mauritius, at the time the largest capacity storage tanks in the region.

This state-of-the-art terminal represented Petredec’s first steps ashore in Africa and set the precedent for later investments.

Build of the Richards Bay LPG Storage Facility - Credit: Bidvest Tank Terminals

In 2020, a 22,600mts import terminal built and operated by Bidvest Tank Terminals for Petredec in Richards Bay, South Africa, will open for business, while plans to expand further inland are rapidly gaining traction as we look to extend our reach well beyond the Ocean.

This is evidenced by our recent partnership with National Gas Company Oman for a 30,000mts import terminal to be constructed in Krishnapatnam, India expected to be operational Q4 2021.

  • 1.7m

    Mts of LPG delivered to Africa in 2019/20

  • 2005

    Deployment of our permanent floating storage for the Indian Ocean

Alongside our burgeoning LPG distribution business (Petregaz) which delivers gas all over Africa’s SADC region from South Africa to DR Congo, Petredec acquired Oilco, an established Fuels distribution and logistics business, in late 2019. An official Shell Branded Distributor, Oilco operates a fleet of vehicles across the Coastal KwaZulu-Natal area, delivering Fuels and Lubricants to customers large and small in Agricultural, Mining, Construction, Transport and Retail sectors.